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Through its’ video productions, La petite commission contextualizes and presents the works of artists and cultural workers. Focusing on these works, artists and/or on exhibitions, the video capsules make these contemporary art practices accessible to a public that wants to know more. Whether it’s for an artist, a museum, a gallery, or any other institution, LPC adapts to your needs in order to share your content in a professional and personal manner.

As active members of the contemporary art scene, La petite commission has the experience and resources to translate its’ plural vision into exhibition form. Whether it is a workspace, a home, or a gallery, LPC makes choices tailored to the specific environment, so that you can experiment, enjoy and live with contemporary art every day.

La petite commission offers guidance and expertise to the individual that would like to purchase contemporary art. Whether it is for your business, family, or simply for yourself, collecting and investing in art is an important way to support both emerging and established artists. Having built a collection of contemporary art and having help others to do so, La petite commission is available to support, advise and help you re(discover) the world of contemporary art.

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